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Sep 16

What Do I Do With Leftover Fertility Meds?

I bought a supply of the fertility med Crinone 8% gel, that i don’t need anymore. These weren’t cheap, so i don’t want to throw them out. But what can i do with them?

Sep 13

Some Animals Eat Legumes Explain How This Could Affect The Fertility Of The Soil?

It could decrease the fertility because the nitrogen produced by the nitrogen fixing bacterica in the legumes root nodules will no longer be present in the soil. Is my answer correct? Does it make sense? Does it need more detail?

Sep 10

What Books Are There On Fertility Awareness?

I’ve been looking into various birth control methods, and fertility awareness seemed very interesting. I feel a little iffy relying on the internet for this sort of information, so I want to find a good book on the subject. Please recommend as many as possible. This isn’t going to help anyone answer my question, but …

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Sep 07

What Type Of Benefits Do You Get Working At A Fertility Clinic?

Do you get a discount on IVF or fertility treatments? If anyone knows I would appreciate some feed back. Thanks!

Sep 04

What Are The Odds Of Conception Without Fertility Treatment With Pcos?

Are there any stats (please include links if you have them)? What percentage of women with PCOS will be able to conceive without fertility treatment? And what percentage will be able to conceive WITH fertility treatment? Also does anyone have any personal stories about their own experiences with PCOS and conception?

Sep 01

How Much Does It Cost To Get Fertility Pills?

I have insurance and everything, but I was just wondering what the monthly expense is for fertility pills. I haven’t been to the doctor yet, but my hubby and I have been ttc for 9 months now with no luck.

Aug 29

What Is The Difference Between Fertility Monitor And Ovulation Test?

I kinda confused with all this kits ard, Anyone can advise me What is the difference between fertility monitor and ovulation test? How and when are they use? Your answer and opinion is highly appreciate.

Aug 26

What Kind Of Baby Aspirin Do You Take For Fertility?

I have read all over that baby aspirin can help with fertility. Are they talking about low dose chewable beyer? I mean is there something I should be looking for that says baby aspirin? I bought the 81mg beyer, is that right?

Aug 23

What Are The Dangers And Possible Prices For A Fertility Treatment?

Although I am fertile and a mother already, I am thinking of undergoing fertility treatment a few years from now, so that i may strengthen the chances to have twins, if possible girls. Any advice for people with experience or who work in the field? i think is would be wonderful but I’m afraid to …

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Aug 20

What Is The Replacement Rate When Talking About Fertility Rate?

I have this information: The current fertility rate is 1.5 children per woman; however the replacement rate for the population is 2.1 children per woman. What does this mean?

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